My dream to travel the world was realized at the age of 18 when I left home, a small French community in New Brunswick. My passion for good food began when I joined Canadian Airlines as a flight attendant. In my travels around the world, I became aware of many different cultures and fascinating rituals that accompany the sharing of a meal with family and friends.

As I saw more of the world, I realized that food is a universal language. I found myself arriving home from a trip excited about trying out a new recipe that I had gathered while on my travels. Not every new recipe came from a restaurant in an exotic locale. The flight attendants with whom I worked were, and continue to be, a culturally diverse group. While the passengers slept, we took turns taking crew rests, and shared stories of the great meals we had enjoyed and traded recipes.

Having recently retired, I have had the opportunity to achieve my long-time goal of writing a cookbook. I chose to write a soup cookbook because it is my very favourite food. The result of a good pot of soup is always the same: it is nutritious, satisfying and true comfort food. It is easily prepared, easily digested, economical, and just plain good tasting.

With a healthful approach to eating, I discovered in my own kitchen that all types of soups could be created in low-fat, low-sodium form without compromising taste. All 100 recipes have been triple tested to guarantee this good taste.

Nothing is more nourishing to the mind, body and soul than surrounding oneself with good friends and family and sharing a delicious bowl of homemade soup.

This book is dedicated to my disabled nephew Yves, who was my inspiration to finalize For the Love of Soup. Yves was disabled in a tragic auto accident 9 years ago at the age of 23 and is now paralysed. Proceeds from this book will provide proper housing and sufficient therapy for him to live in dignity with some hope for a better life.

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